Sunday, 12 May 2013


It's been a busy old week at Dotty Towers (aka my house). I've been in the kitchen all week getting ready for my Cake Break event - part of my challenge to raise £1001 for charity.

Actually I only started baking on Thursday night as I wanted everything nice and fresh. It just feels like I've been at it all week. Normally I love baking but I've found this a bit stressful. I love a bit of party planning too so I don't know why I was so stressed out. I think it was because I had no idea how many people were coming so I didn't know how much to bake. I didn't want to do too much but I didn't want to run out. I had enough really but I was still up at silly o clock yesterday baking emergency scones.

As well as scones I made chocolate cake, carrot cake, brownies, vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes and loads more. I was in such a tizz yesterday morning. I just waned it all to go well and was worried that nobody would come. I wanted to get the room looking pretty too and just felt like I had far too much to do and I'd taken on too much.

Everything was fine though. I got it all set up on time and people came!!! I was pleased with how the table looked and nobody noticed the blood on the bunting! (paper cut). My mum did a brilliant job brewing up and the cakes went well. The quiz was popular too and got everyone talking to each other.

I didn't set prices for the cakes, just asked for donations. That was definitely the best way to do it as everyone was very generous. So far I've raised £153.30 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society so it was well worth all the stress.

The total raised for my charity challenge is now £256.23. My next charity event is the Great Manchester Swim for World Vision. Not long now, probably means it's time to stop eating cakes.

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  1. Thats great news Jan, well done on raising that amount. cakes look yum too. x