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Anyone who knows anything about me knows I'm terrible at geography. I thought if I could get 101 postcards from all over the world I might learn a bit more about the places they'd come from. At first I was just getting cards from friends and penpals on holiday but then I found out about postcrossing from my penpal Laura. Its a postcard swapping website and I'm quickly becoming addicted :-)

Total so far 31/101 postcards

Postcard from my penpal Johanny in the Dominican Republic - my favourite place ever! I went to Punta Cana there for my honeymoon. I didn't get to visit the Ozama Fortress (shown on the card) though so maybe I'll have to go back. Oooh the hardship! :-)

Christmas postcard sent by my penpal Silje in Norway. I love christmas so it's interesting to see christmas images from different countries.

Postcard of Dorchester sent by my penpal Miroslava who lives there.
Postcard of Cape Cod sent by my penpal Laura. I've heard of Cape Cod (people always seem to go there in books and films) but I know nothing about it. I love all these light houses though - very cute!!

My lovely penpal Taija from Finland sent me this postcard of Levi. It's the largest ski resort in Finland and is in Lapland which the big kid in me loves :-) Makes me think of Father Christmas. It's about 170k north of the Arctic Circle, whenever Taija talks about the weather I feel like the Manchester winter is not that cold after all.

My brand new penpal Bianca sent this postcard of her home town - Herford in Germany. It's near to Bielefield which is twinned with my home town of Rochdale.

My lovely penpal Kerry sent me this postcard of the cathedral in her home town of Worcester.

Postcard from my penpal Jitka showing her home town of Olomouc in the Czech Republic.

Postcard from Tanya in Russia received through postcrossing.

Postcard from my penpal Jitka showing Karlstejn Castle, a gothic Czech castle founded in 1348.
Big thank you to my lovely penpal Katie for this postcard of her home town Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia which she sent especially to help with this challenge. Much appreciated! x

Postcrossing card from Marysia in Warsaw, Poland.  Never seen a round postcard before -I like it!
My penpal Alison sent me this card from her holiday in Wales. I love the little bridge bottom right - would be ideal for my poohsticks challenge!

Postcard of the Kennedy Space Centre from Amanda through postcrossing. I'm not really big into space (did it to death at primary school!) but I bet it's an amazing place to visit especially if you actually get to see something launch.

Another card sent by Sarah while she was in America, this time from Palm Springs, California. More than 350 days of sunshine and less than 5.2 inches of rain each year - sounds like my kind of place!

Sent to me by my penpal Sarah who has been living in America due to her husband's work. She's spent some time travelling while there and sent me this lovely card from Hawaii. I want to go! It just looks beautiful and I love those palm trees.

My penpal Jenny went on holiday to Switzerland and sent me this card. It shows Sierre, a tourist region in the south of the country known for it's beautiful scenery.

My penpal Amanda sent me this card from her holiday in Scotland. I know a few people who've been to Loch Lomond and they've all loved it. Looks like a lovely peaceful place, migh have to visit there someday.

Card from San Marino received from Lamberto through postcrossing. I always thought San Marino was an island but apparently it's enclaved microstate within Italy. It has the oldest written constitution still in effect, dating back to 1600.

My very first postcrossing card! Received from Nadya in Russia, it shows the Legislative Assembly Building of the Omsk region. During the Russian civil war it was capital of the anti-Bolshevik Russian State.

Sirianne sent me this postcard of Luxembourg through postcrossing.

Postcrossing card from Lithuania showing the city of Kedainiai. I find it hard to believe it's a city as it looks so quiet and peaceful. It's one of the oldest cities in Lithuania though with it's first known mention in 1372.

This card was kindly sent by my penpal Rosemarie from her holiday in the Isle of Wight. Love it, looks like a proper old fashioned seaside type place.

I've always wanted to go to Ireland. It's not far so hopefully I'll get there someday. I love lighthouses too so this was a good card for me. The Lusitania was sunk off the Old head of Kinsale in 1915. This is another postcrossing card, this time from Aiste in Ireland.

I love this postcard! It's Karong Kodok in East Java, Indonesia and it looks like such a beautiful place. I'd love to go swimming in that sea. Received from Heidy via postcrossing
Postcrossing card from Alex showing his home town of Veendam in Northern Holland. The pictures show the town hall, shopping centre and canal.

Goes in Holland. A postcrossing card received from Anja. Goes is in the Zeeland Province and has approx 27,000 residents.

Rauma in Finland, received from Marina through postcrossing.

Postcard of Geseke, Germany received from Claudia through postcrossing.

A postcrossing postcard from Wilhelm in Riepe, Germany. It shows Neuscwanstein Castle in Bavaria. It is believed to be the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland. You can see why, it's really beautiful. I'd love to go there some day

A postcrossing postcard from Martina in the Czech Reepublic. I love this one because it reminds me of Dexter dog when he was a pup.



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